Branson Missouri Poltics - State of the Polis July 2008

Mayor Raeanne Presley under heavy fire this week. The Branson Daily Independent called it "Mob like control" (see headline above) addressing a proposed liquor ordinance to what, after serious criticism, public pressure and lobbying Gary Groman was pressured, for the first time in two years, gives way to criticizing an action by Presley's new regime in a piece dubbed Liquor Czar.

Branson City Hall

Attempts to answer the basic questions, "Can I breastfeed my child at Waxy O'Sheas" and "Can I spank my child in public?" stump even Dr. Paul Link.

In lieu, Link promised he'd offer interpretation of the nuances between a "nipple and aureoles".

Meanwhile, Alderman Sandra Williams has become the Public Records CZAR personally addressing employees at the City Clerk's office.

The City Attorney now points to the board as well - he has seven new bosses -who can fire him at will if they don't like his legal advice. The new administration is good at one thing - increasing their power.

Economic Power and Political Power.

Presley is an organizer running retail political strategies with the precision of Obama. Constant Politicking.

Politically she's a "Swinger" pushing money to the Democrats and Republican alike. Presely's politics come in the wake of what Randy Turner dubs a money laundering scandal - stumping for Republican Gubernatorial hopeful Sarah Steelman while donating a C-Note to Democratic Gubernatorial candidate Jay Nixon.

**The Presley family donated more money to Republicans than Democrats this political cycle.

When pressed on funding Dems while stumping for Republicans, Presley doesn't hesitate - she supports her friend and Missouri's Former Bill Clinton Campaign Manager Katie Danner.

Danner also lobbies Branson City Council on behalf of the "League of Theaters" through her company Athena Consulting LLC.

Rumor is Danner's husband is being pruned for a General position.

On politics Danner says, "My husband serves in the military for both Democrats and Republicans alike."

This is show business, but how good is it?.

Business could be better. Maybe it's the headlines - At the hot dog stand Friday, July, 18 fifteen inquiries for Bud Light trickled in.
"The Mayor wants to promote family values" provides tourists an unsatisfactory answer.
.They all give the same response, "Why can't we have both?".

Branson Chamber of Commerce and the Art of Fake Debate

Two years ago I told Alderman Jack Purvis not to ask Ross Summers any questions when the Chamber asks for money. Questions from politicians to the Branson Chamber of Commerce always exhibit the art of fake debate.

Money Laundering Central?

Two members of Branson's City Council are direct beneficiaries of the organizations activities. Unlike normal chambers, the Branson Chamber benefits from millions in tax dollars.

The Internet is controlling the dialogue, and the Chamber of Commerce isn't having it. The Chamber explains why they need to spend serious cash to quash "Uncredentialed Journalists".

Vice President of Marketing since 2003 Dan Lennon visited my website at 8:59 last Wed.

Soon after I called him.

Lennon is a true statesman coming onto the board in a time of intense turmoil and was somehow able to tie together a small group of very powerful families with conflicting interests - special interests who want the publics cash.

Branson residents are active - vocal - and Lennon came at the peak of turbulence in the community - Oct. 2003.

The Chamber of Commerce wants to control the Internet and is willing to spend $300.000 not $400,000 to do it. All the money funneled outside of Branson to control a free-press.

Does Branson Have 8,000,000 People?

Simple answer - probably not - It's highly likely the people that generated the figure don't really believe it.

Whose Family's Values?
One interpretation is the Presley's the Mabes the Herschends. As far the most powerful taxing District in the region, the Tourism Tax Board - they're opaque. Not to suggest that they dress in red coats and sacrifice children, however, if they did, nobody would know because they don't make a habit of announcing public meetings too loudly.

Meanwhile :

A Casino opens near Joplin and Missouri's Senator Nodler debated in Branson last month that neighboring state's legislation has a profound affect on the regions economy. Nodler wants us to be easier on the Corporations.

An airport moves to the south and Hollister is about to level Rick Davis's "ViewScape".

Meanwhile, rumors of a Casino in Berry County Ark., surface. Perhaps, it's like Pete Herschend said, "It grows like a cancer".

Lights Going Out on Sunshine Law in Branson.
The City of Branson's message board was once littered with various taxing entity meetings - TDD's, CID's NID's TIF's and other psuedo-political bodies.

Mayor Raeanne Presley stalls on a Sunshine Law Request for email's transmitted through the address posted on the City of Branson's Website and officially published literature. We use to do things on the record - not anymore. The missing documents have now been cited in meetings. by Mayor Presley.

There has never been this much money involved in Branson Politics.

Due to reporting irregularities, total funds dumped into last April's election isn't clear. But, if any councilpeople failed to report in-kind contributions an alderman could lose an office. One thing is for sure, more money was spent during this last election than ever before.

Larry Milton double dips on what some refer to as a time-share front company - Branson.COM and the Branson Tourism Center.

Republican insiders claim Milton was a catalysts in moving the Branson Hills TIF forward.

With appointments to the Branson Chamber of Commerce Internet Committee, Milton helps set prices for Internet Advertising on the taxpayer funded website - always making sure to buy top spots when they become available.

Milton doubled on the maximum donation to Alderman Cris Bohinc as specified in Missouri Ethics Rules. The loophole legally allowed the donation twice above the limit due to the fact both of his private Internet domains Branson.Com and the Branson Tourism Center are under different corporations - each a corporation unto itself.

Branson Convention Center
Just to make sure everyone gets the story straight, Branson City Council met with all department heads offsite for a "retreat". Far from print and broadcast journalists Branson Alderman define legislative priorities and a few fruedian slips offers more clues to what we are to see.

**Retreat ? This is a democracy - no white flags - no more retreats from the press.

Branson Landing

The Branson Landing is two years old.
Historic Downtown Branson

So close to the Branson Landing, so far from benefiting financially.