Branson Landing - Chicago Dogs - Day Off

(Video From Branson City Council Alcohol Task Force Early May 2008)
Politics is a contact sport and today the Branson Missouri Editor-In-Chief will be sitting on the sidelines working on making the perfect hot dog.

Ummm...Chicago Dogs.

Democratic Lt. Governor Primary Candidate Sam Page has been invited to join me for a conversation about political bribery and war stories from the campaign trail after he meets with the Branson Veterans Task Force. (He's being seduced with a free Chicago Dog).

While I'm at the Chicago Hot Dog Stand Center Stage Branson Landing - Branson Mayor Raeanne Presley and the Chamber of Branson's Merry Politicians will introduce an ammendment to Branson's Charter relating to alcohol. The 100 something page document covers everything from how nipples of nude dancers can be displayed to how late underage citizens can spend in establishments that serve alcohol. The bill also allocates enforcement funds to the Branson Police Department for monitoring alcohol related violations in Branson.

The ammendmended liquor ordinance came as a result of Chicago Hot Dogs selling Beer at the Branson Landing. Chicago Dogs was permitted to sell beer until the Hilton Corportation could get in on the action planning to sell beer an adjacent booth. The Hilton Corporation never moved thier plan in motion leaving the Branson Landing "Beer Kioskless".

In addition to regulating the cosumption of alcohol; Branson City Council will have a "brief" review of the municipalities ethics policy.