Branson City Alderman - Personal View - Editorial

Due to the political behavior witnessed over the last six months; Branson City Council will come under serious scrutiny on this website.

Before the upcoming reports are published
I believe that we should take a moment to consider some of the positive attributes of Branson's sitting city council.

Alderman Sandra Williams - Williams is a an activist after my own heart. Her perspective on politics comes from a government watchdog background. Her expertise as a city clerk provides something unique - the only person on the board who has worked as an employee of the city.

Alderman Stan Barker - Barker knows how to keep his mouth shut. This unique political skill has enabled the city leader to maintain position while his peers were politically executed.

Alderman Stephen Marshall - Marshall is a true player demanding respect through his intellect and world experience. Marchall has a broader view of international politics than perhaps any other businessman in the community. While many of us were given American Citizenship through grace, Alderman Marshall had to earn his opting to become a citizen five years ago out of choice.

Alderman Cris Bohinc - Bohinc learned through personal experience how frustrating government can be for average citizens to access. She's a joyful person to be around, friendly and concerned about things many politicians would see as little. There is an innocence about her more seasoned politicians seem to lose.

Rick Davis - Davis contributes substantial time for charity work - fiercely loyal to his friends.

Alderman Bob McDowell - Always seeks wisdom. McDowell is courageous with his contributions to the marketplace of ideas while maintaining a strong view of limited government.

Mayor Raeanne Presley - Presley's politics come from a regional view. She's passionate in her quest for knowledge aggressively studying anything she can get her hands on. She's responsive and strives hard to accrue input on civic matters.
Of all the Branson Board of Alderman Presley has the best chance of emerging to the state and/or federal level. Viewing the world from a wide angle lens could make a great Senator or appointed Government liaison on issues affecting our state and nation.