Branson Attorney Russell Schenewerk reveals secret to fighting credit card companies

Russell Schenewerk claims odds are favorable for those who fight credit card companies in court.
Perhaps you're let on a credit card payment or perhaps you haven't paid on the card at all. Perhaps the cost of gasoline tripled while you were struggling to make your house payment and it was the one expense you failed to pay. Perhaps....
Eventually, before the credit card company can write off your debt as a loss they'll have to stand before a local judge.
The attorney for the credit card company is most likely a local lawyer working for a small fee. He'll make up the loss in volume. Because few people dispute the credit card company's claims the judge flies through them with a rubber stamp.
Few people would bother to call an attorney in this case. But, if you did, it's likely the credit card company wasn't prepared to see you. Shenewerk never told me whether or not his client was guilty; but, because an appearance by an attorney is rare - Shenewerk suggested he has pretty good odds of winning against card companies.