MIssouri Repulbican Convention 'Media Featured 5 "

As one of five media delegates assigned to the Missouri Republican Convention floor I opted not to bring my injured laptop. We were given a bullpen behind the seated delegates with heavy security surrounding us ensuring we didn't attempt a run out to the floor.
The floor was tightly controlled with exception made to this blog's author and the Missouri Political Media "Featured 5"

Count Them Out:
David Lieb Associated Press - Lieb became frustrated by the lack of hackable Internet Access at the Ron Paul rally.
Whatever David Lieb writes will be published in the Branson Daily News (BDN) and, Branson Daily Independent (BDI).

Chad Livengood- Springfield News-Leader led with Rod Jetton this morning "Power Struggles and Secrecy". Livengood replaced Tony Messenger who is currently working for the St. Louis Dispatch as a Jefferson City correspondent.

Jason Rosenbam - Columbia Tribune. Until Rosenbaum started publishing video this year -we were number one. Rosenbaum beat me to the punch on video footage; however, we have a full understanding of his information and posting methods which could result in decent technical consulting gig.

St. Louis Dispatch - Jo Mannies joined Steve Walsh with stories from journalism's past including instructions on how she use to evade audio leak from paper thin walls which a competing paper used to steal her reporting mojo. Mannies is feisty with a healthy respect for the finer points of political and philosophical debate. I have a feeling she'll enjoy the video archives we collected this weekend.

Steve Walsh - MissouriNet - Walsh is an old school journalist who issued a lecture about "back in the day" - when you had to crank your typewriter - long before the invention of white out. Walsh's coverage will be purchased by our local radio station promising local news director Steve Willoughby won't pay a dime for digital assets acquired through freelance.
Walsh continued our discussion by posting a thanks to Stephen Marshall for the $2,500 WIFI and kind words for Missouri Republican Party Communications Director Tina Hervey.
***Pssttt Walsh.- In Iowa the Republicans and Democrats provided extensive media services in the Google Lounge stocked with cushy chairs, free beer, wine and vitamin drinks. Both Democrats and Republicans agreed Missouri Beer was best stocking kegs of Bud from ST. Louis and Boulevard Wheat from Kansas City.

John Combest - John Combest was a plant on the Republican Floor. In order to get a seat he apparently pledged himself in marriage to a Republican Delegate (truly dedicated). Combest twittered What I was thinking - NOBODY FROM THE PRESS IS ON THE CONVENTION FLOOR.
Saturday night,after the convention Combest took a tour of my hood. It's haunted by reporters of Missouri's Past.