MIssouri Politicians Battle In Branson - Hulshof - Manroe Friday Night

The Southwest Missouri Republican elite were up in arms when Missouri Governor Matt Blunt refused a re-election bid. Already in the process of staging fund raising events the Taney County Republican faithful switched tracks putting muscle behind Republican gubernatorial Candidate US Rep. Kenny Hulshof.

Leading the charge, Peter Herschend issued Golden Tickets to Branson business owners inviting them to meet Hulshof tomorrow night at the Branson Convention Center.

In response - Leading the Democrat opposition - Peter Tsahiridis a Democrat running for Missouri 62nd District State Rep, is hosting a rally for Richard Manroe just blocks away at the Euro Cafe in Downtown Branson.
Former Federal Prosecutor Richard Monroe will be the Euro Cafe's guest of honor. Manroe is running unchallenged in the Democrat Primary challenging Rep. Roy Blunt for Missouri's 7 District Congressional seat.