Mavis Busiek - Republicans Embrace "Non Microwaveable" Ronpublicans - Video -

Mavis Busiek was crowned with the title Missouri Republican State Secretary through a vote on the Missouri Republican Convention floor Friday.

She's held a lot of positions in the party and has been a longtime supporter and party activist for Congressman Roy Blunt.

Busiek foreshadows the party strategy of embracing Ron Paul advocates in hopes they'll help energize and participate in the party.

The term "microwaveable" is a good analogy as Missouri Republican Party embraced Ronpublicans by granting "non Missouri Blue Book Certified Libertarians" delegate status.

Currently, Ron Paul is the only candidate besides John McCain still in the Republican Primary Race. Ronpublicans attempted to change the rules for greater representation during the next convention. The effort was unsuccessful. The "winner take all" Republican rules were being challenged by the group. Earlier this month Sen. Hillary Clinton boasted, "By Republican rules I'd already be the Democratic Candidate."

Still, most Ronpublicans wore a "contested delegate" badge at the convention to identify their political affections. In this way they were easily identified through color coated badges.

Photo Tom McMarris shows a florescent green "Contested" badge while the gentleman in the background sports the official delegate red card.
McMannis argued the majority of Ronpaulican delegates didn't show up to the convention due to anticipated rejection. A motion to allow alternates to fill in the gaps was denied.
Many proudly wore stickers noting their "old school conservative" leanings. State Republican Conventions have been known to linger on, however, an early motion to close the session was used shut out a potential Ronpublican Convention Floor Delegate filibuster.