Doug Coverdell Files Lawsuit - Branson Landing Ferry Property

It's hard to find someone willing to sue the government over the right to pay taxes. Enter Doug Coverdell owner of Coverdell Enterprises.
The lawsuit Coverdell filed relates to property within the Branson Landing TIF district, commonly known as Branson's North Beach Park.
The suit filed in Taney County this afternoon challenges Empire District Electric Company, The City of Branson and Timothy J. Houtchens who is employed by the Taney County Assesors office as a mapper.
Court documents, which we'll be posting later, cites property owned by Annie Compton and a contract struck with Ozark Power and Water Company giving rights to submerge part of the property in 1913. Apparently, Compton ran a ferry service providing access to property from Branson across Lake Taneycomo to what became part of Hollister last week. The property was split in 1972 and the city of Branson and Empire Electric entered into a lease agreement for the western side of the original parcel on June 14, 2004
Count one of Cloverdale's suit asks the court for an "Easement by necessity" which would provide him a private road to the land north of Belk's parking lot.
Count two asks for damages for "Slander of Title" claiming the City of Branson and Empire District Electric Company have made false statements regarding title to the disputed property.
Count three asks for damages for a "Civil Conspiracy" involving the city of Branson, Empire District Electric and Houtchens. Coverdale's claims Houtchen's actions prevented him from paying taxes on the property.
Coverdale's filing follows a heated debate in Branson City Council chambers where a request to create a Planned Developement just two miles away was rejected by city leaders.
More to come.....