Branson Release on Political Signage

June 13, 2008

Contact: Don Stephens, director of planning and development, 337-8549

City reminds candidates of campaign sign guidelines

With 2008 being a major election year on the national, state and local levels, Branson officials want to remind candidates and their supporters about the legal placement of campaign signs in the city.

Campaign signs, or any signs for that matter, are not permitted on city property, which also includes utility or city sign poles located on public property. All signs, including campaign signs, must be at least five feet back from a city street curb or sidewalk.

According to Branson Planning and Development Director Don Stephens, campaign signs can be placed anywhere on private property where other types of signs are permitted. Stephens also recommends getting permission from private property owners to install signs on their land, even if it is undeveloped land.

Signs can be removed by any city employee who sees them within five feet of the street curb or sidewalk. Citizens can also call City Hall if they have a concern or question in regards to a sign’s location.

When removed, the signs are taken to City Hall, usually the police department, and the sign owner is called, told about the violation and given the opportunity to pick up the sign.

City code requires political signs to be taken down within 30 days after the election for which they were made.

For additional information or questions concerning the placement of political signs in the city, citizens can call Don Boyer in the Planning and Development Department at 337-8539.