Branson Ghost Tour Halts Cemetary Visits

The picture above is of Rueben Branson's tombstone which sits in a public cemetery in Downtown Branson.
Debate over access to the site ensued yesterday during a planning session at Branson City Hall.
Though booked as a haunted tour, the nightime tours which start at the Branson Landing is more of a historical tour of Branson's downtown district.
Tour guides promise "paranormal" impressions on digital cameras from people who take the trip through commercial street.
Few Branson business's are open after dark allowing groups of 20 people to walk unabated late at night through commercial street while tales of Branson's past are recited.
The public cemetary on the final leg of the tour is one of the more eerie spots but residents voiced concern over disturbing the resting place of Branson's orignal town fathers prompting Branson City Council to consider new ordinances related to visiting hours.
The Haunted tours vowed to refrain from entering the cemetery as a compromise to avoid legislative action.