Branson Chamber of Commerce - Q2 2008 Report

Branson Lakes Area Chamber of Commerce and Convention Visitor's Bureau presented their 2nd Quarter 2008 marketing report Monday night.
Reports issued through several media outlets were posted this afternoon on Branson Agent. The media response was mixed focusing on one or two components of the 70 page presentation extrapolating conclustions from just a couple of facts.
The Branson Chamber of Commerce pulls intelligence from a variety of sources and these quarterly reports provide top-tier regional marketing intelligence.
Every quarter we publish the full report as presented by Branson Chamber representatives. In response to comments regarding website lag - we've posted the entire presentation on the Branson Edge home page.
We're also in the process of updating the 12 month rolling averages which is linkable from the Branson Edge homepage. The 12 month rolling stats provide insight to current trends and provide a snapshot to the Branson economy.