Missouri Village Law Repeal approved by House

The Missouri Legislature voted to repeal the controversial village law today allowed groups of citizens to revolt from counties whose laws they don't agree with.

The village amendment was made during a special session of the Missouri Legislature last year and raised a red flag when developer Robert Plaster attempted to create the Village of Table Rock on the day the amendment went into affect.

As detailed through the link above the special session of the Missouri legislature was promoted in response to the collapse of the Minnesota bridge. Within the piece of legislation religous/non-profit organizations were passed the gauntlet regarding social reform being allocated privileges previously reserved for competitive businesses. Churches can now bid for contracts with the state.

Branson area elected legislatures took the Missouri Political Stage with Dennis Wood being absent from the floor at the request of Republican leadership. Wood accused Missouri House Speaker Rod Jetton of sliding the amendment into the economic stimulus bill last year.

Missouri Senator Jack Goodman took the stage in the Missouri Senate filibustering until the House passed the repeal of the village law as the Missouri Legislature rushes to complete the end of this year's session. Several actions were made to keep the bill pork free as legislatures packed the two page proposal to a couple hundred.

In commitee the bill was divided into separate parts to avoid killing the intent of Goodman's bill before it ever hit the floor.

Plaster;s friend, Jetton, played the last man standing as one of six Missouri Reps to fight village law repeal.