Missouri Republican Convention Brief

The Missouri Republican Convention broke for lunch. My laptop is down so I'm corresponding from Guest Services.

Unlike the march of Missouri's political leaders into the convention center, this event is being covered by multiple media outlets.

St. Louis Dispath blogging to the left

MissouriNet to the right.

Up in front, Columbia Tribune, Springfield News-Leader, Associated Press

A few interesting notes:

Ron Paul supporters relatively calm pressing technical issues and succesfully playing Robert's Rules of Order in hopes the process will change next go around.

Since most contested delegates were credentialed - no riots broke out. Libertarians aren't invited as delegates to the floor.

Kenny Hulshof pulled the press out of the Missouri Convention floor to announce Kit Bond's endorsement. John Combest twitters the announcement two hours early.

Later today we'll be posting interviews of Missouri's Top Candidates with analysis of coverage. Since the press is here - except for local media outlets - we'll be honoring them with analysis, links and posts. Pictures we'll sell to the local rags.

Rosenbaum beat me to the punch with video on Hulshof's announcement while pushing the discourse with gubernatorial candidates to MOHELA.

Still, deep party philosophy, theology and debate took place far from the reaches of traditional media outlets yesterday at the summit at the Branson Convention Center - still blown away by the Rod Jetton Interview. He strongly defended his position on the Village Law as a property rights issue.

Steelman played down Kit Bond's announcement citing failed endorsements of the past - (He didn't endorse Ronald Reagan) and addresses the post below disregarding the gender issue.