Branson's Political Tourism Industry

The Republicans are here but the Democrats have been here also and for good reason.

The G-Rated environment is perfect for political fundraising. Missouri Governor Matt Blunt will speak just hours from now joined by Missouri Gubernatorial hopefuls Sarah Steelman and Kenny Hulsof.

US District 7 Rep. Roy Blunt will also make an appearance, his third this month.

It's a Republican Party today but Democratic Gubernatorial Nominee Jay Nixon pulled a cool $30,000 following a state sponsored show in Downtown Branson last month. Roy Blunt's Democratic challenger, former Federal Prosecutor, Richard Manroe appeared last weekend at the Branson Farmer's Market (which will be Downtown tomorrow at 10 A.M.

Across town, the Republican convention and corresponding Ron Paul Rally will begin as the sun begins setting.

Good weather, beautiful lakes, family entertainment and mostly the money - everything
the Branson area needed to capitalize on Political Tourism this year.

Today - it's outside of the small private gatherings where political bribes fundraising activities commence - now it's showtime.
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