Missouri Governors Race - Campaign Finance

Reading the Missouri Sentencing Advisory Commission sentencing guidelines and the Recommended Sentencing Biennial Report as required by Section 558.019.6 RSMo.

Earlier this year, on Branson Agent, Senator Matt Bartle published his review of the report on Missouri's Department of Corrections boasting decreased recidivism due to increased application of Shock Time - short prison sentences for crimes that would ordinarily be either longer or result in probation for the offender.

Why did the legislature repeal bribery and corruption laws?

Bribery of a Public Servant - 576.010, RSMo. (Repealed)

Acceding to corruption by a public servant -576.020, RSMo. (Repealed)

Candidates are addressing the issue of financing as Missouri Ethics Commission reports trickled in earlier this month. Zooming into the Missouri Governor's race, Missouri Attorney General Jay Nixon (D) showed the greatest financial prowess followed by Missouri Treasurer Sarah Steelman (R).

US Rep. Kenny Hulshof figured it was time to reform campaign financing as Steelman weighted the scales with a demonstration of her personal fiscal capacity loaning herself a half million dollars:

Q1 2008 Missouri Ethics Commission
* Jay Nixon (D) - $1.4 million raised, $2.7 million banked
* Sarah Steelman (R) - $655K raised, $500K borrowed, $1.4M banked
* Ken Hulshof (R) - $900K raised, $731K banked