Missouri Flood of 2008 - Turkey Creek Photojournal 10 of Ten

Three lakes connect what once was the great White River. Debate over whether to allow gambling on the river was addressed through vote two years ago. Currently it isn't allowed but a change to the Missouri Constitution will likely come up next year.
Turkey Creek is a tributary which is flooded due to a release from Table Rock Lake. The dam that separates Table Rock Lake from Lake Taneycomo also provides power. As the river runs passed Branson curving into Forsyth she is dammed again. Dam conditions generally dictate fishing quality in addition to facilitating a wide range of species. The cold water from Table Rock Lake's lower regions provides Lake Taneycomo with the perfect conditions for Trout which are farmed at the northernmost entrance to the lake. A series of sirens throughout the city warn fisherman and residents when the gate opens.
Table Rock Lake sits to the North of Branson and Lake Taneycomo which flows to Roockaway Beach and Forsyth, the Taney County seat where again it is dammed before the once great White River becomes Bull Shoals. The power of the river generates electricy for the region giving reason to keep lake water levels high which can serve as a consistent clean energy source.
In general, the floods of 2008 were relatively planned due to the sophisticated efforts of our waterway infrastructure. Before Branson had theaters, it had the River which served the residence of Native Americans before the prisitine beauty attracted tourism.
The karst cartograpy in the region provides a number of threats and complications to building new road systems in a region that seems relatively untthreatened by a declining eonomy elsewhere in the nation. The waterways connect beneath us with caves running in the hundreds, just in Taney County and its a short distance from the serface to ground water.
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