Branson Politico - Alderman Ward III Dick Gass

Ward III Alderman Dick Gass is retiring from his post as Branson Ward III Alderman.

Regardless of his name (say it three times fast it's funny) Dick Gass has a political history dating back to the 80's where he helped the man posted above "Harry Perry" who was getting chased by the man "LAPD". In terms of law enforcement agencies, the Los Angeles Police Department has a reputation of being tough. The best selling T-Shirt in Venice Beach says, "LAPD They'll treat you like a King" (as in Rodney King)

Perry, who was getting chased by the man in Venice Beach, CA, sought the help of Gass to keep the "man off Perry's back".

He Lobbied in Los Angeles
He Lobbied in Sacramento
He Lobbied in Jerfferson City
He Lobbied in Branson for Marc Williams last week.

Gass said,
"I love Dr. Rick Davis, he's my eyedoctor. But, I'll tell you what - when Rick Davis needs to know something about money, he goes to a guy like Marc Williams, I'll promise you that"

Gass sat through his last meeting and will be honored for his service as Branson Alderman next week.