Branson Election Editorial - Branson Alderman Awards

Branson Alderman Ward III UPDATE - Hitting Heavy, especially those last two mail pieces over the weekend before tomorrows elections. This is the race to watch. Last year I joined the Branson Conservative Movement © watch party for KRZK (they still owe me for that one). This year I'm chillin' with the Branson Economic Progressives © .

Branson Featured Video :
Branson Highrise Part II
Branson Highrise Part I
I'm conjuring video of several speakers in the aforementioned political factions unique to Branson, Missouri including OG © Herschend and the great 150 ft. Skyrise Debate, the ultimate battle for the future of Branson. The video is extensive but worth watching and for the benefit of news networks in the region who want to understand what's coming.

My ex-girlfriends often tell me, "Darin, there's nothing more you love to talk about than yourself". So - In honor of all the girls I've loved before - a story about me:

Newspaper Hacks and corporate media whores $copy like to ask me: Are you a journalist?

This year I've been published in three newspapers, two radio stations and one TV network. The only local outlet that never asked me the question is the radio station - why? - because they're a great media outlet and understand what news is. Like I said, when other members of the media ask me about journalism - I laugh.

Their rhetoric - the way they ask it - makes me laugh. I have to ask, What corporation did Thomas Paine write for? The constitution acknowledges a freedom which means the freedom to use a printing press to create reading material - it doesn't grant permission to be a corporate whore - which by the way - I've served many corporate news organizations (in case you were wondering).

But there was a time when it hurt my feelings. Let's talk about this for a moment.

A very naughty dirty bird of a reporter who loves to say "it's sleeting while he's pooping on his victims" - every Sunday for a local Branson Newspaper writes, before he deleted the record, and long after he served as a Taney County TIF Commissioner, appointed to serve against the interests of the city - dispersed a piece of sickening slander for a Branson Alderman's sermon to a priest....

The Alderman says to the local priest, "Darin, He's not a real journalist". The words are spoken to the gossiping clergy of a very powerful local congregation

(here's where things became interesting)

Media Ethics:
"When you become too close to a story - pass it on to another journalist. (This is exactly what I did). The story I was following was a church and state issue. I referred the story to Truman State's Heather Turner who has been working under a Pulitzer Prize winning professor Dr. Youquinto and currently broadcasts a political talk show at the University weekly.

Turner is also a devout Atheist.

When the story - which I became too close to - was one which I most clearly couldn't ethically cover - was sent to another journalist - to call the secretary of the church to follow up on the story - the church secretary started in on the "You're not a journalist thing" as stated and later covered up by a local political pundit whose history is cited here.

Funny thing, if you skip down this website two stories you'll read the chronicles of the "so called journalist" who scoffed the insult - which made its way through clergy which I'm citing here.

Although, I am a journalist (among other things) being a corporate whore does not make me a journalist. And though I am humble enough to endure the belittlement of being labeled a mere journalist without offense, I take being called "less than a journalist" as highly offensive.

Back to the Story:
The journalist, Heather Turner - who co-authored the Iowa Caucus Blog, the devout atheist responded with:

I know I'm not supposed to judge Christianity by the way Christians behave; but people like me do..."

Insert Irony Here

The preacher that heads the multi-million dollar operation - desires only to be a journalist - In fact is giving up ministerial duties so he can write a book. I figured it was time to severe our financial relationship shortly thereafter.

As I chronicled the journalists history (two pages below) and a history of highly offensive ethical shortcomings - he made a final hit - a last bird dropping on democracy - another Sabbath Day Political Massacre. By the way, the victim Jack Purvis - was out of state when the diatribe was being dispersed - Purvis was on a missionary trip. ....Nice....

And the Question Was Finally Answered: Will Gary Groman Hijack Another Election.

Still - I love Gary Groman you - Cause Jesus tells me to.

I'm bringing this up, because it's likely - the city of Branson - could convert into a Theocracy by Tomorrow Night. If it does, for me - it will be a fun year.

***The contribution of Branson's churches is unmatched providing a sophisticated welfare system and suite of services for the poor. That being said, Politicos - the methods by which you've campaigned will be the method by which you will be judged in editorials - except a little nicer - (we just don't have the heart to be so ... underhanded)

Alderman Most Likely To Initiate Lawsuit With City

Sandra Williams - At a "TIF Reearch Study" a "study salesman" sponsored by our "Filthy Rich Branson School District - whose massive increase in funding this year - after record payraises - wasn't able to cover the spread between their massive spending and the huge piles of money pouring into the city - they were forced to roll back their tax levy"
The Master of Ceremonies, the KING OF ALL TIF DEBATE continually reminded the city leader that the legal responsibility was on the city.
Any two bit attorney - heck, anyone applying common sense to the situation, would have to say -oops- , once the moderator pointed the finger at you after you ask who is liable? I counted Williams forcing the questions three times.


To what length will Sandra Williams go to sue herself as caretaker of the city? We know the finest auditing firm spent $14,000 to discover Hilton has been doing a great job - what's next $300,000 to have someone tell us about that great TIF?
Ohhhh, by the way Ms. Williams - do you mind revealing what city you're currently contracting with - you know scrapping the moola - as in cash - as in potential competitor? (Any city is a potential competitor)

Most Likely To Have Great Hair
Mayor Raeanne Presley: Seriously, great hair. As a side note, way too powerful. Her regional thinking frightens me as a citizen of Branson, mainly because when she talks about politics in the region - I hear, "We're going to spread city tax dollars throughout the land". Still, seriously, great freakin' hair.

Most Likely To Sell Out Branson To John Q Hammons
Branson Alderman Ward III Stephen Marshall - Great statesman. Great businessman. Great Alderman. In the future, which one will he choose?

Most Likely to Raise My Electric Bill:
Stan Barker - Stan, I like you bud - and you get a free pass this time - but I'm keeping an eye on you.

Lobbyist Most Likely to Ensure He's Keeps His Name On the Missouri Ethics Commission List For Lobbying the City as Well As the capital: Chip Mason (I'm watching you double - that's two eyes - Chipper)

Most Likely to calculate the statistical odds of the Mayor having great hair, of Marshall selling out the Branson Convention Center, of Stan Barker raising my electric bill and Chip Mason following the Missouri Ethics Commission Guidelines:
Branson Alderman Ward I Bob McDowell
(Psst McDowell: 1WayStreet + Downtown Branson = Peeved Downtown Branson Merchants)

Peace And Happy Voting.