Ticketmaster Wins Big in Missouri

Ticketmaster's win in Missouri is all the buzz. As part of the economic development package that passed through Missouri's Senate last week an initiative championed by Ticketmaster legalized ticket scalping.
The law overrides local ordinances that regulate ticket sales. Ticketmaster has invested heavily in Internet commerce applications for the secondary ticket market. The St. Louis Dispatch Jefferson City Bureau Chief Virginia Young was the first to call foul play noting Andy Blunt, Governor Matt Blunts Brother, lobbies on behalf of Ticketmaster.

The article states the St. Louis Rams pushed for the amendment.

Ticketmaster's web presence in Branson is nearing completion with the blessing and assistance of the League of Theaters, a "guild" for theater owners.

The legislation will have a significant impact in the Branson market and will give Ticketmaster both an edge and reason to invest more heavily. The resale market will allow the company to sell tickets they aren't currently brokering.

Updated: 9/5/07