Michael Godard Visits Branson

Michael Godard made an appearance in Branson this weekend to sign paintings, sketched commissioned pieces and mingled with fans at the “Oh My Godard” gallery at Branson Landing.
Godard was in good spirits and spoke lightheartedly about spending an hour in handcuffs at the Branson Hilton Promenade the night before his appearance. The police were looking for a suspect after an apparent beating and Godard’s hotel room was targeted in a sweep to find the perpetrator. Godard wrote if off, as he does with other aspects of his life as , “the luck of the draw’. Godard says, “you do the best you can with the cards you’ve been dealt”, an underlying theme in many of his pieces.
I’ve never heard a man speak so much about God without mentioning the word. He knows his place in history and is mindful of the days when he traded art for food money. Today, one of his original pieces sells at the Oh My Godard Gallery with a $50,000 price tag.
Godard’s recent trials helped him put things in perspective. The last couple years have been tough. His eldest daughter, and subject of several of his paintings died from cancer and his wife and him just finalized divorce papers after he found out she was sleeping with his friend Tommy Lee, formerly of Motley Crew.
In the last couple weeks of his daughters life Godard brought $250,000 for cancer research at a benefit in Texas. His daughter reminded him how important his charity work was nearly forcing him against his will to leave her side. He keeps his daughters spirit with him and donates to local charities during his shows.
Controversy and contradictions surround Godard work. For instance, the majority of work addresses the subcultures of alcohol with walking/dancing olives decorated in costume midst a martini glass placed in different “scenes”. The irony is Godard doesn’t drink and though surrounded by rock stars with no shortage of self-destructive role models he maintains a spiritual focus. This isn’t to say he hasn’t had his trials. During his teenage years after enduring severe abuse, he stuck a gun in his mouth and nearly pulled the trigger.
There’s a reason I’m here, Godard explains, “I have a world to change.”

The photo above is a limited edition print sold at “Oh My Godard Gallery” while Godard was in town.