Historic Downtown Branson Business Owners

The Historic Downtown Branson Business Owner's association (HDBBO) established a booth at the Branson Convention Center which will host a grand opening event for the public at 4:30 today.
The booths were granted to area business's at a low cost - $100 a booth + $200 for electricity.
The HDBBO was founded by Historic Downtown Branson business owners who experienced a downswing in business over the last two years. The owners felt their interests weren't being fully represented by the Downtown Branson Main Street Association (DBMA).
Since they started just a few months ago they've launched an advertising campaign on cable television, started a bus greeting program and created a walking map of downtown Branson. The group is hopeful the convention center will help bring more traffic to the historic district. The groups efforts have been for the most part ignored by the mainstream media.


The DBMA has promoted Downtown Branson for many years with a long list of successes. The HDBBO has a place as well. Their existence has motivated the the DBMA to become a better customer service organization.
When covering the story about the HDBBO for the Branson Daily Independent I was threatened by an employee of the competing organization who didn't want the history recorded.
The story was "mild" and encouraged inclusion and cooperation - a philosophy I believe could help both organizations today.
The threat reminded me of a reality - the importance of reporting truth and barriers journalists must face if they truly desire to serve the public.