Rockaway Beach Gambling not top priority for Majestic Casino

Daniel Ihm, Majestic Star Casino's Corporate Vice President of Marketing was tight lipped after a visit to Rockaway Beach two weeks ago. Ihm is focused on the company's Pittsburgh project (architectural rendering above) though confident that a national gambling act could unleash the reigns of states trying to limit gambling.
The St. Louis Dispatch visits Ihm's hometown, Las Vegas, to compare and contrast the two tourist destinations. After visiting both destination's writer Steve Persall calls Las Vegas, "Branson of the Mohave". The title, "What happens in Vegas won't in Branson" reflects the general tone of the article and perhaps the general lackluster composure of Ihm as he shows me a poker face.
Or perhaps, Ihm isn't all that excited about what Rockaway Beach is holding in their deck. Who could blame the guy, after all - Rockaway Beach's political climate is reminiscent of patients running the asylum - or is it five-year-olds running a nursery?
Rockaway Beach city council seemed to spend more time in court last year trying to figure out who the "real mayor" was than governing. The overturning of an alderman after a recount didn't show a whole lot of stability this year either.
I can understand why Ihm didn't have anything to say about plans to open a casino in Rockaway Beach - it might have been the best news coming out of the city all year.