Politicians Deciding how to spend tax money voters have yet to approve

$90 million in revenue from a new tax has municipal leaders, non-profit groups and geopolitical entities within Taney County moving to get a slice.

The tax proposal, doomed to failure, regardless of the best efforts of two local journalists (three newspaper employees) who are directly paid by the special interests pushing the tax - gained legs.

Two major projects, an east west freeway corridor and a new bridge were tacked on to the proposed levy - doubling the taxation amount and providing a marketing ploy voters might be likely to bite on.


Sharing a little bit of the plunder with the west side of Taney County should help a few local politicians buy-in.
Some of the money is going to fund vital projects, but the millions that aren't provide a problem - they could come at an expense to vital infrastructure we'll need in the future - those that could save lives.
Expect a big announcement from the Taney County Commission Monday.