Matt Blunt - Bridges , Economic Development and Predators

The Governor's bridge repair and economic stimulus agenda passed without controversy through committee today and is expected to pass through the House to the Missouri Senate by Thursday.
In a discussion with a reporter for ABC several months ago I was asked, "What more can we do to these people." He was talking about sexual predators and Governor Matt Blunt seems to have found the answer and made a statement today in favor of adding Internet data to the offender database:
In a press release sent by Governor Blunt's office said,
"We must continue to fight to keep our children safe from sexual predators," Gov. Blunt said. "I am committed to combating devious criminals who use the Internet to attack Missouri's children and will again support tough legislation to stop sexual predators and create harsher punishments for those who commit horrific acts against our young children. I applaud Rep. Tom Dempsey for offering this important legislation to help in the fight against sex offenders."

The logo above is a character created at Brigham Young University (the only school that beat CofO in Princeton's list of most "sober" colleges). Faux Pax joins with McGruff, the dog who invited children to take a bite out of crime in the 1980's in a cartoon series about Internet safety.
Matt and his wife Malanie were in Kansas City today promoting Faux Pax the Techno Cat and the state's campaign for children's safety on-line.

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