Fathers Rights Activist Protests At Lincoln Memorial

Matt O' Connor is my hero. You've probably never heard of him, but many of you can relate.
Though a marketing consultant by trade, O'Conner has a higher mission which the British courts got in the way of. He's a father.
As in many divorces, O'Conner's three children were used as a pawn. Internationally, courts reward this type of behavior with cash and in the finest court rooms you can find the baby brokers. Children are bought and sold everyday.
O'Connor, as many Senators and Congressmen in the United States, supports equal parenting. The essence of the philosophy is this - Children deserve a father and mother - even after a divorce. It's been a few years since I've corresponded with O'Connor or followed up on his organization called Fathers For Justice, but I remember what lengths he went to so his estranged children know their father loves them.
He dressed as his children's favorite superhero costume and protested by climbing atop a ferris wheel.
The camera's were everywhere and his children got the message he was unable to deliver, "Your father loves you."
I don't know what direction the organization has taken, but I found a video of an action taken at the Lincoln Memorial.
Though these men went to jail, what prison could be greater than being alienated from your own children?
Children alienated from their fathers are more likely to be the victims of sexual assault, suicide, imprisonment and drug use.