Stabbing at Branson Landing

The Branson Police Department is investigating an incident that occurred just before 9:45 p.m. Sunday evening near the Bar Louie’s restaurant on the Branson Landing. Witnesses told officers they had observed three men on the ground in a physical altercation, with two of the men on top of the third. Officers were told that the man on the ground had pulled out a knife and was believed to have wounded one of the men on top of him. Information was provided that the three men had earlier been seen together inside Bar Louie’s but all parties involved had left the scene prior to officers arriving. A short time later, officers made contact with a male subject at Skaggs Community Health Care Center who was suffering from knife wounds. The 25-year old male from Hollister confirmed to police that he had been involved in the incident but claimed that he did not know the person who wounded him. The male who was wounded refused to cooperate further in the investigation. He was examined at Skaggs Hospital and later transferred to a hospital in Springfield for further treatment.

The investigation continues at this time. Anyone with any information concerning the incident is asked to contact the Branson Police Department at 334-3300 or call the department’s CATCH line at 334-1085.

The information posted above is the direct report from the Branson Police Department.

Bar Louie management noted no physical altercations occurred inside the bar and have promised to cooperate fully with the police.

Though little blood was found at the crime scene, Branson Landing security quickly cleaned any physical traces of the incident.