Springfield News-Leader Not Riding on Love Train With Branson

Mayor Presley and the Springfield-Branson Airport board were outshouted this morning by the Springfield News-Leader editorial board..

Branson Awake Aggressive
the giant, in this case, is Branson, and it is sleeping no more. As the city of Springfield has sputtered and stopped, and restarted attempts to kickstart its convention center complex downtown, Branson is still reaching for the sky. Its new convention center and attached hotel is already attracting the sort of attention that has Springfield convention planners taking notice.

Springfield Convention and Visitors Bureau director Tracy Kimberlin says the fledgling convention center adjacent to Branson Landing has already snagged two conventions from Springfield. That's a lot of captive business for our city that will now be in Branson instead of here. Will they make the trek to Bass Pro in Springfield now that they have one just outside the door of their hotel in Branson?

Branson Edge:
I strongly disagree with the Springfield News-Leader's position. Branson and Springfield have the ability to attract much larger conventions which should be the regional goal. Branson citizenry has only good intentions towards our big sister to the north and invite Springfieldians to take our hand as we walk down the path to mutual prosperity. Our highest ranking elected leader has contributed by opening a hand of good will expressing interest in the greater good. Won't you join us Springfield? Any Bloggers who want a special tour of our facility....drop me a line!