Springfield News-Leader Ink & KOLR staffers talk amongst themselves

I was looking through Google's smart agent when I came across an article I posted here last week called Springfield News-Leader Not Riding on Love Train with Branson. The article was posted on page 2 of the Springfield News-Leader opinion section. The News-leader has been making an effort as part of the overall Gannett agenda that integrates community voices into the newspaper. The print publication is now viewed as one component of the media organization.

News-Leader wrong on convention center

I strongly disagree with the Springfield News-Leader's position (on the new Branson convention center). Branson and Springfield have the ability to attract much larger conventions, which should be the regional goal. Branson citizenry has only good intentions towards our big sister to the north and invite Springfieldians to take our hand as we walk down the path to mutual prosperity. Our highest ranking elected leader has contributed by opening a hand of good will expressing interest in the greater good. Won't you join us Springfield? Any Bloggers who want a special tour of our facility.... drop me a line!

- Darin Codon http://bransonmissouri. blogspot.com

Some local news organization actually benefit from not being published on-line. For instance, many residents in the Eastern side of Taney County pay for the TCT but refuse to pay for the Branson Daily News - why pay for the cow when you can get the milk on-line for free?
This brings me to the KLOR newsroom. Brad Haller Reveals Branson, Missouri was all the rage in the local CBS affiliates newsroom. Props to Kate Stacy on a job well done covering the story. CBS promises to "not neglect Branson" in the newsroom.

Time to cash in...or will I never eat lunch in this town again? :)

Updated July 30th