Liquor - Stabbing Victim at Large - Gannet Editorial Blasphemy

KOLR was at the Branson Landing today scooping the "open container story" which will air in 20 minutes.
Greg Brock calls me out and the picture reveals why Branson Alderman Stephen Marshall told me to get a haircut.
The Branson Police Department is on the lookout for a stabbing victim that happens to be wanted.
In between the meeting we stopped by the Tattoo shop we told you about to snag a beer from the lot of pirates..argghhh. (Guess we're the real pirates).
Gannett offends the entire Internet with one editorial.
Branson Landing management is feeling the pressure. Attorney's researching the states liquor license policy claim the Kansas City Mafia initially used permit control to thwart free enterprise when it came to liquor distribution.
But, Landing management moved against allowing a vendor who wanted to paint a sign of the best beer in the world - Guinness of course - on their storefront. Renderings below.