Jory Roars - First Ammendment Please

Jory Rolf is the minister who runs Action Impact Ministries (AIM)which he started with his wife in 1998.
At Branson's last two city council meetings Rolf, accompanied by Salvation Army Captain Ron Keys, challenged aldermen on the issue of alcohol and the Branson Landing. Rolf's first challenge regarded the environment of the "town square" and the message given to tourists as patron's mingle with open containers in hand.
After council moved to hire outside counsel and form a citizens committee on alcohol, Rolf challenged Rick Huffman on both moral and first amendment grounds. Rolf begged the question, "is he legally allowed to protest at the Branson Landing?"
What he really wants is for the youngsters he pastors to have the opportunity to minister from the landing stage through song, mime and interpretive dance.
The issue raised by Landing management at one point regarded an interpretation of the World Trade Towers collapsing which ex-Branson Landing manager Linda Antus felt emotionally moved by.
Rolf's ministry includes a large percentage of home-schooled children who commune with other kids their age through church gatherings. Rolf conjured a post which he read in part to Branson's political leadership.
The question raised by Rolf about his right to protest tickled a laugh from Mayor Raeanne Presley.

We ask, "How offensive can a mime be?" Will an effort begin to take back Sundays at the waterfront? If Jory were here, he'd want you to read this: <7 Truths>