Is Branson Landing legally required to host city events?

A reader eloquently chimes in on the danger of unfiltered and unmonitored free speech at the Landing (radical and destructive propaganda proliferated). He asserts Branson Landing managements right to managed the property as they so desire and states his opinion that, "The better approach is for HCW, as the paid tenants of the Landing, to develop its own reasonable approach to allowing individuals and/or groups access to holding events, etc. at the Landing.

At Branson's last city council meeting Mayor Raeanne Presley noted the lease agreement with HCW required the corporation to allow the community to host events. Presley cites an article in the agreement:

“Landlord shall be entitled to periodically hold Landlord sponsored and paid for events or activities on the On-Site Public Improvements and up to 12 events per calendar year which are not more than 2 days in any 30 day period sponsored by another group as specifically designated by Landlord subject to appropriate scheduling through Tenant and the payment by Landlord or the sponsoring group for event designated by Landlord of Tenant’s actual direct costs for providing the necessary services and facilities for the Landlord, event or activities.”

Presley, juggling a number of issues with greater urgency presents a possible solution. Giving mention of Branson Alderman Ward II Jack Purvis's mention of the clause posted above she suggests a planning committee which could include Citizen groups, HCW management, CVB etc...

Presley suggests in addition to HCW's free concerts that have "done a great job of providing concerts which attract many visitors" - the city could host events that would be of interest to residents.

Currently, no process to review such requests is in place. Perhaps, some of our readers might want to spearhead the effort and provide a potential solution for our city government.