Hollister Police PR

Closing of the Hollister bridge is the big topic on everyone's mind today. Bob Schanz, former Taney County Commissioner candidate (more on this later) broke the story in a public meeting at the courthouse last week.
For Hollister, the big story was recovering from the press fallout last week. Parker didn't seem to impressed by some of the information distributed by local press outlets. In response, Parker made himself publicly accessible...how?..by eating breakfast at Ye English Inn, Hollister's most popular dining establishment. Senior Citizens bombarded Parker with questions. He handled it well. Parker said he didn't tell Cantanese about COMET - see below - though after revealing neither the Highway Patrol nor Taney County Sheriffs Department was handling the case it became a little more obvious (pssst chances are he had it already).
Reports from the street: Meth Down - 2Cb up. See how the club kids are pushing it.

**Hollister Fun Fact:...
The first Hollister Police Captain was a "soda jerk."