Gaye Lisby - Involuntary Contributer

Gaye Lisby is the most authoritative source on Branson's spiritual history from a charismatic Christian perspective. I highly recommend her materials to the "clergy" whenever I get the chance.
Her historical documents and seven years of research conducted to create a Spiritual History of Branson and the Land of the Osage have been used to create the historic timeline (which we are consolidating with other historical documents) and poetry have graced the pages of this website.
The ">sheer beauty of her poem is one I not only recommend (which was recommended to me by 417 magazine editor Gregory Holman you read but one I read regularly to remember the ancestors of the place I called home - and what remains as time changes most everything else.

Who am I to say what God whispers to men? If Lisby were here today, she would probably tell me to keep it clean - In a motherly kind of way. Lisby will one day pass - but, her message will remain.
Socrates believed that men were only vessels by which the God's worked through. Christians among us would say that God created the vessel. As for Lisby - tis better she speak for herself. We are both appreciative and inspired by her body of work.