Duttons Semi-Final Performance on America's Got Talent - LA BAMBA

Dutton Family Photo
The Dutton's rocked America's Got Talent last night performing their rendition of La Bamba. Round 7 and still alive. Their performance has received positive reviews. The accumulative comments from NBC fans has been positive- noting preference to their bluegrass stylings. The choice of song was attributed to the fact several members of the family speak Spanish and an effort to show their diversity. The majority of criticism regarded the large group of performers and "too much" happening on stage at one time.
Last week they received good ink from the Brigham Young University (BYU) press and continue to bring attention to Branson with national coverage. The Dutton's stayed alive with two of three x's remaining!

See the video on NBC's Website

While drafting a story for the front page article for the Branson Daily Independent; I bumped my story for two that I thought were more relevant for page 1. The two stories were "Duttons on America's Got Talent" and "As the World Turns in Branson."
Fearing repercussions from an entertainment writer, I tried to pass the story on - hiding the work I'd completed. I let the entertainment writer know if she didn't make contact (I handed her the info), I'd write the story myself.
The entertainment writer threw a temper tantrum. For a straight hour after my editor rolled deadline up two hours - I heard smart comments coming from the cubicle. Politics is a contact sport and backstabbing is expected....but this was a frontal attack.
The two stories, which weren't going to be covered appeared in the next two additions of the BDI - the entertainment writer was assigned the stories.. My stories hit as well - but they were my last at the BDI. I haven't worked steadily since (month and a half ago)
I learned three lessons. 1. If you're going to write front page news - keep tunnel vision - speak the truth - report the story - accept the consequences for communicating who/what/where/how and why it happened. 2. Refer to one - speak the truth - don't dance - as Tony Messenger says, "You want friends in this business, get a dog". 3. Beauty is skin deep, but ugly goes all the way to the bone.