City officials tour soon to be completed Branson Convention Center

Branson officials took a tour of the convention center last week. The facility, which will be managed by Hilton's of Branson, is scheduled to open August 16.
If you've been reading, you already know about the Bose built speakers in the shape of birds (See image below) which were built at a cost of $35k a piece.
The photo above was shot by Greg Brock who was the only other member of the media in attendance. The shot is of John Presley and his girlfriend whose name I conveniently forgot (I expect an e-mail fixing this shortly).
It was nice not being the youngest person on the tour. John tickles the ivories at the Presley's show on the 76 strip and has a cool, collected non-assuming demeanor.
The Presley family had a few representatives in attendance. Pssst - A couple Ben-Folds-Five covers and I'll move some tickets. Still want that CD.