Cartoon concept for John Logan

In a bout of great showmanship. political cartoonist John Logan answers my limerick by upstaging me with a sonnet in last weeks BDI.

John, what can you do with this anonymous suggestion?


Terry Dody: Darth Vadar
Mayor Presley: Princess Leia
Stan Barker: Luke Skywalker
Jack Purvis: Han Solo
Paul Link: Obi-Wan Kenobi
Sandra Williams: Luke's aunt
Dick Gass: Luke's uncle
Bob McDowell: R2-D2
Stephen Marshall: C3PO

Or, maybe have Stephen Marshall pay Luke Skywalker, which could lead to this interesting dialogue:

Luke (S. Marshall): Darth, you are pigheaded!
Darth (T. Dody): I'm not pigheaded, I'm your father!