Branson Trolley Plan to be proposed monday

Branson Trolley & Transportation, a business entity created earlier this year will pitch a public transportation service to Branson alderman Monday night. The Crane, Mo based business plans to offer employees of Branson business's the ability to purchase unlimited rides at a cost of $25 a month or a standard $1 per ride/$10 per day. They have some interesting ideas on how to capitalize on Branson's traffic problem. Under the current plan, rolling advertisements will be displayed on the Trolley's side, signs in the back and monitors displaying ad messaging on the inside of the cars.
Tram hostesses will provide "mini-shows" on friday and saturday nights. Branson theaters can send their headliners to put on a mini-show to seduce tourists to visit their must-buy-a-ticket-to-enter show in the time-share-show pitch style format.
Routes will include access to Hwy.76 proper, Silver Dollar City, Indian Point,Shepherd of the Hills Theater, Table Rock Lake and the Tall Timber outdoor theater. Their current plans allow access to 25 percent of area hotels, 8 percent of shops, 60 percent of theaters and 7 percent of restaurants.
Another part of the plan includes the yet to be created Branson Shopping Networkd (BSN). Items purchased from stores will be hold packages the way "Walt Disney World" does it. Storage for tourists will be available during shows etc.

The board includes:
Gary Cosatt - NIXA, MO - Hotel owner
Sherry Hebbert - Ozark, MO - IT manager with extensive knowledge of outdated programming languages (that are still used by our government). Runs IT services for Bass Pro food service
Brent Hobbs - Branson, MO - Owner of Tri-Lakes Shuttle
Amber Julian - Crane,MO - MBA accounting, Bass Pro IT department
Dr. Montel B. Wilder - Ayer, MA - Phd Religion - Lobbies Washington on behald of AACS
Dr. Nathan Gartner - Professor of Civil and Transportation engineering at University of Massachusetts, Lowell - Israeli educated, well published