Protector of Branson, Missouri Christian Values?

Leas Campbell filed a lawsuit against Gallagher a few months ago. Leas claimed Gallagher wasn't Christian enough - after blocking attempts by Gallagher to assist a local charity on the basis it was Christian. The content made me furious; but hey, don't take my word for it. Check out the Miami New Times interview. I put some clips below....tip of the iceberg.

He is, Campbell will explain, "a white nigger," and proud of it.
Mobsters suspect Campbell of torching one of their facilities, and he stands up to them, calling in a few kneecappers ....He will expose major Mafia operations in New York and Miami..

Always tell the truth. Campbell lives by this motto, and fully realizes that his life's story will infuriate many people. "But the innocent need no protection," Campbell says. "And the guilty? F**k 'em. They're guilty."
"You're moving 500 cases a week. That makes you my third biggest customer, right behind the Philadelphia Phillies and the Navy base." Bruno offered some advice about increasing profits, and also handed over a pack of football-betting slips. "Your customers will love these."

Some of Campbell's early backing, as he explains at length in the draft of his autobiography, came from a trio of major-league marijuana smugglers.

It was Kierkegaard who first suggested that organized religion and God don't mix. The philosopher believed that any relationship with God must be personal and individual, that orthodoxy did nothing but interfere with faith. Campbell himself remains "anti-Christian" while simultaneously embracing the Christian ethos. "I'm a recovering Catholic," he says. "As a child I had my hands whacked by rulers plenty. These people are all peace and love on Sunday, Jesus is okay. But if you practice peace and love during the week, they consider you a commie, fag, pinko. Why not do this seven days a week? They'd say, 'It's not done that way A shut up.'"

He readily admits to having consumed elephant doses of all the in-drugs, of indulging in the orgiastic free love of the good old days, of living a rock and roll life.