Senator Jack Goodman Senate Bill 64 Update - Branson - Missouri Senate

In an interview conducted by the Branson Edge Senator Goodman discussed Senate Bill 64 which is his second attempt to enact legislation aimed at discouraging early school start dates. According to Senator Goodman, administration backed by powerful education lobbyists and multitude of special interests overshadow who should have the ultimate say over how our children are educated. He states the priority should be the needs of students first, parents second, teachers third and administrators fourth - a reverse pyramid of the educational power as it stands.
Goodman anticipates the bill will graduate from the educational committee sometime over the next couple of weeks. He also anticipates a 17 day maximum clause will be removed. Under the current constructs of the bill Missouri school's wishing to start more than 10 days before the Labor Day holiday will have to hold a board meeting where parents can submit opinions to their elected school board representatives.
Randy Turner, teacher, author, award winning blogger and education advocate failed to answer questions about the downside of the bill when engaged with questions several months ago. In fact, Randy, who does an excellent job of educating us about lobbying efforts consistently avoids the special interests which are so close to his heart. Though we understand not wanting to bite the lobbying hand that ensures his trough remains full, we find his "flaming" of anyone who dares challenge the dictatorial authority of highly paid bureaucrats by asking for a reasonable explanation....downright offensive.
As a result of my inability to obtain wisdom from my fellow blogger, several administrators were questioned in regards to the issue. To date, the most valid response came from an area superintendent who admitted the real issue is that “school's don't like to be told what to do.”
Branson has significant interest in the bill's passage as does the entire state of Missouri. As Senator Goodman pointed out Missouri experiences 1.5 million dollars a day in tax losses everyday school's choose to start before Labor Day. Many who live in Branson experience extreme poverty in the off-season. Though I'm inclined to support increased education funding - highly paid bureaucrat’s egotistical interests come second to ensuring my family and neighbors live without experiencing extended poverty.