Reed Springs School Teacher Support is Unmatched

The photos above show David Catanese KY3 political reporter and a visual show after the Stone County Fire Marshall entered the building and emptied the room the school normally holds meetings in.
The Reeds Spring school board should prepare for a political lynching. Many of the school teachers were scared to go on record but the enviornment at the school is one managed by fear. Speakers spoke to the first amendment and what kind of teachers we need.
The Reed Springs high was packed last night as hundreds of students graduates faculty and concerned citizens tried to pile into the music room where the school board usually holds meetings. Hundreds waited outside before the Fire Marshall had the meeting moved into the gym which was filled to capacity as speakers expressed support for teacher Mike Collins who is currently on paid absence awaiting a school board hearing. .One of the speakers John Williams spoke to what kind of teacher Collins is and the kind of teacher Reed Springs needs.

John Williams

The crowd attending the Reed Springs High School last night was the largest the school has had this year to date. When the school board entered into closed session countless students teachers and parents bore testimony to the impact Mr. Collins has had on there lives. Mike Collins has won several awards for his contributions including Missouri teacher of the year but no honor could outweigh the crowded auditorium of people who came to defend his honor.

Details about the suspension of Reed Springs teacher Mike Collins were revealed last night as hundreds gathered in support of Collins reinstatement to the School. Collin's legal counsel confirmed the suspension was due to an expletive used towards to students who had been continually bullying mentally disabled students. The

School board has publicly stated there are many reasons for actions against Collins which will be revealed in a public meeting The meeting regarding what action the school board will take has been delayed. Collins is currently on paid leave. Joe Manlove voiced opinion that onetime Missouri Teacher of the Year Mike Collins was being punished for political opposition to the superintendent.

Joe Manlove……..

Many on hand spoke to the positive impact Mike Collins has had on their lives Several members of the faculty spoke off record expressing concerns in descent of Reeds Spring policies.
I tried to narrate the story before sending it to the station but my mouth felt like I was eating spoonfuls of peanut butter