Logan, Herschend and Groman - 3 Words Branson, Missouri City Counsel Doesn't Want To Hear

Porn, Gambling, trademark disputes and the divide between overlapping government entities sets the stage for the plot played out in the theater of public affairs.

Ironically, to outsiders this will come as a surprise, Branson is considered the liberal capital of Taney, one of Missouri's most conservative counties. The divide and conflict between county and city government is clear to anyone who takes time to sit through a half a dozen meetings or so. Here's some backround on the player's discussed in the next post.

1. Ron Herschend - Branson Representive to Taney County Government - Western Taney County Commissioner. has spoken three times in Branson City meeting over the past few months. Not a friend of (Tax Increment Financing Funds)TIFF's voiced opposition over Branson trademark issue.

2. John Logan - The Logan path to wealth and riches includes working hard while eating palmetto sandwiches by the lake before it becomesthe Branson Landing. He's not happy that it's against the law for him to feed the ducks and wants his fishing spot back - someone give this man a peer!...(I'll post more on John Logan)

3. Gary Groman aka "The Ole Seagull" - The Ole Seagull is the editorial writer for the Branson Daily Independent. His job for the paper is to engage the public and initiate discussion. His editorial claim - "the janitor who picks up horse dung after a parade." is somewhat of an inside joke. A seagull is a bird that poops on you while you're eating lunch on the beach.....an old seagull has especially good aim. Though needless to say; city administration in Branson rarely enjoy the opportunity to eat lunch in peace - that is when they eat off the government plate.