Branson West Attraction Predator World Finds Wolves - PETA Attacks

Timing is everything. While PETA takes the offense Predator World shows extraordinary compassion for the captured animals. Here's the story we submitted to the paper yesterday.

Predator World has located the two missing wolves reported missing last week. Currently the Branson West attraction is letting the wolves remain at thier location until the female gives bitth to pups. Professional animal captors are on standby to recapture the wolves after the pups are born. The decision is based on safety concerns for the pups and the animal park is taking measures to ensure the wolves have adequate food, water and an enviornment where the animals feel safe.

In the meantime People for the Ethical Treatment of animals (PETA) has called for an investigation of Predator World claiming they're in violation of the Animal Welfare Act. Corespondence from PETA to the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) cites containment requirements for animals in captivity under the Animal Welfare Act.

In a press release from PETA the organization voiced opposition to all animal attractions categorically similiar to Predator World. stating, "Roadside zoos like Predator World deprive animals of their basic needs, and when the animals see an opportunity to escape their dreary lives, they often take it.....Predator World failed to properly enclose these wolves and put their safety—not to mention the safety of the community at large—at risk because of it."

Predator World said that no humans were in danger and they are keeping the location of the wolves silent to ensure the animals remain safe from human harm.