Branson Titanic Museum Expansion - New Entrance

Click the image above for a larger view a sketch of the Titanic Museum's new entrance.
On April 12, 2007 the Titanic museum will unveil their new entrance designed after England’s Waterloo train station as it looked nearly a century ago. In April of 1912 the “Titanic Special Train” was chartered to take passengers from Waterloo to Southampton where the maiden and only voyage of the Titanic launched. The new entrance has a dual purpose enhancing the external aesthetics and providing shade for guests waiting to enter the museum
Titanic management is positioning the museum as a destination and events venue. The exhibit is in constant transition with seasonally scheduled events and artifacts in rotation. A New Year fireworks exhibit and the start of an annual ice sculpture contest were two events added this winter.
In time for the Valentine holiday two actors will play Jack and Rose, the fictional character’s immortalized by James Cameron in his 1997 tribute. Jack and Rose mingle with guests exchanging banter as the two lovers replay their story utilizing the breadth of the museum as a stage..