Branson Edge named 417 Magazine's List 5 Best Blogs

Below I posted statistics for last year. Writing news is a fleeting joy. What was written yesterday means nothing as it's merely yesterday's news.
Greg ranked the blog you're reading 5 of the best 5 with a score 2 of 4. I was once told "the higher the baboon climbs the more people that can see his big red baboon backside." Still, it's an awesome honor and I'm grateful. I'm taking Greg Holman up on his challenge to be a better writer. When I write news for the newspaper I follow the guidelines. To date, I've used this blog as a news notepad. There are stories here that make the headlines and the parts of stories that I can't publish in the newspapers. An example is the letters to the mother's involved in the Bescher trial. I know they've read it; I know it's had a positive impact on their lives. This blog is written for the most part in 1st person. I suppose the opportunity is to express and communicate the story the headlines don't give you. Sometimes the best way to tell a story is to show you a video, share the audio from an interview or let you sift through a hundred pictures.