Branson City Counsel Responds to Springfield Accusations

Branson City Counsel Alderpeople Rick Huff and Beverly Martin questioned Branson Chief Carroll McCullough in regards to nasty allegations raised by a Springfield Law Enforcement Officer. Accusations of validity to rumored assaults at the Branson Landing were denied by McCullough who reiterated his previous positions that a rape has never been reported at the Branson Landing and if such a claim has been made the Branson police need to be informed so they can investigate. It's believed that the rumor was started from an airport security guard as opposed to Springfield's finest.
Branson Landing security claims the rumors once wide spread have subsided. To date no one has tried to make claim to our 1,000 dollar reward.

Ron Huff wanted the name of the officer clarified while Beverly Martin reiterated the accusations. Her statement was that a policeman from the Springfield area claimed 7 rapes were reported alleging the culprits were from Springfield gangs. McCullough said "I don't know where he's getting his information" but he'd like to find out... Beverly went on to say that a Belk's employee was claiming she had been raped....

Beverly Martin
Bev...look, I really don't know why this was brought up in the manner that it was, but, when you say things like this we (the media) have an obligation to report it. As far as we knew this rumor was dead - which it probably was until it was resurrected last night. If you want to bring something up at the meeting - you know - clarify rumors- how about publicly stating whether or not you removed yourself from the vote when the city of Branson was weighing in on whether or not to sell you and your friends public property.
By the way, I have no objection to the sell - though the numbers have been hidden from the public; however, the ethics, legality and manner that the sell was conducted is of public concern.