Titanic Ice Sculpture Contest - Branson Missouri

(Above: Collage Fused)
When life gives you ice storms make ice sculptures. While our neighbors to the north faced power outages from ice storms 300 lb. blocks were being shipped to the parking lot of the Titanic Museum in Branson, Missouri.
The National Ice Carving Association (NICA) held their first professionally sanctioned Branson event in this weekend at the Titanic Museum. Contestants had five hours to create an artistic ice sculpture relating to the Titanic. The themed event was unusual as most NICA events are in freestyle form giving artists the ability to create whatever they feel comfortable with.
Judges scored contestants on 11 attributes from first impression to structure technique. All three judges participate in events as well giving them a solid understanding of the complexity and skill level each piece requires to produce.
The overall winner was John Flottman from Oklahoma City. His piece titled “Titanic Collaged” featured Time Magazine and newspaper headlines below a carving of the Titanic itself. The video at the top of this post shows how the two blocks were fused together.
Taking a chance is part of the game. A difficult piece can be a risky endeavor. The two video clips below illustrate the concept Alex Moore was attempting to piece together.
Unfortunately, Alex was unable to fuse the captain’s wheel to the post. After a second attempt to weld the two pieces together Alex dropped the Wheel losing what would have most likely been the top placement. The two clips below show Alex at the halfway point and Alex attempting to place the wheel on the base.