Jim Cox Reveals Plans For Branson Antique Car Rally

The interview posted above was conducted in October. We cover two topics, the first is a 1931 Hudson Jim built from scratch - we'll be pulling up video from the archives later today for your viewing pleasure. The car itself is quite impressive as is Jim's path from a modest wage as craftsman Silver Dollar City to the powerhouse he is today.
A month ago I found Jim laying out the plans of his Antique Car Time/Distance/Speed rally to none other than Shoji Tabouchi. As I understand it, Shoji will be a partipant though what make of car he'll be driving wasn't revealed it's certain that it will be something car guys will be drooling over.
At the time, Jim wanted me to hold on the story until he gained a few commitments from a few Europeon players who'll be participating in the event. My gut is that Jim has gained the commitment of these players of which he'll be announcing at the Branson Alderman meeting Monday at 7:00PM.