Branson Mayoral Election Results - 1995-2007

(The photo above is of Jim Owen Ozark Guide to the Stars and Ex-Branson Mayor)
Lou Schaefer 412(43%)
Raeanne Presley 360(37%)
Claude Casey 194(20%)

Lou Schaefer 623(69%)
Mike Taylor 286(31%)

Lou Schaefer 1,009(78%)
Peter Rhea 289(22%)

Lou Schaefer (No Opposition)

Lou Schaefer 634(46%)
Ray Wilson 545(40%)
Larry Milton 149(11%)
Amy Bogue-Gray 32( 2%)
Lewis Chapman 14( 1%)


Lou Schaefer (No Opposition)

Raeanne Presley 1390 82.69%
Lou Schaefer 291 17.31%

The Mayoral race in 2003 represents a dark chapter in Branson, Missouri history. Ethical violations resulted in visits from the State Ethics commission. One local editor recalls a "street walker" apparently bribed with the lure of hard liquor to place an insertion order into the local paper. I fully intend on publishing some of the details of that year elsewhere in hopes this type of campaigning will never happen again. One candidate from the 2003 election was asked, "Will you run this year", his official response was, "Not no, but hell no."