Gallagher's Adventures in Branson

Gallagher called him the "Producer that couldn't produce" referring to Lease Campbell and his failure to pay for Gallagher's assortment of Watermelon's of which Gallagher ended up paying for out of pocket. The number's weren't what Gallagher wanted and in a backstage discussion Lease admitted his failure to successfully market the show.
At the time Gallagher had just agreed to donate tickets to "Christian Action Ministries " an organization that claims they can feed a family of four for an entire week with every 25 dollar donation. I went backstage after watching the show to collect on the promised tickets. (Gallgher didn't want to advertise the donation nor was CAM aware; the tickets were to be sold online as a promotion for the show)
"Christian's leave us alone and we leave them alone", stated Leas in opposition to the donation. Leas went on to tell a story about a religious based publication that watched the show and agreed not to publish a story that wasn't favorable to Gallagher's performance. She liked the Clinton jokes but found the ...(I'll let you read the text)
Gallagher and Leas continued discussing cutting the show schedule which was in motion until an opportunity presented itself....
Marci Kowalski,a theatre employee, who had watched dozens of shows and took a pie in the face preceding the show's late night performance, was pointed out by Gallagher as the person who was screaming his punch lines for the first hour of the show. He lifted Marci by the shoulder and turned her to the audience..."this is the girl..". Marci sat down, watched the rest of the show and went to work the next day as scheduled. At work she was referred to legal counsel by a fellow employee and participated in a telephone consultation. "If you're hurt go to the hospital", advice given by Branson Attorney Russ Schenewerk. Marci did just that before meeting with Russ the next day. Following legal counsel's advice Marci filed a police report and a hearing was scheduled setting a time line for negotiations between Attorney's Naoti and Schenewerk.
In a telephone interview Marci made a number of allegations including detailed descriptions of drugs consumed backstage. In response Gallagher was tested under the supervision of Naoti and found clean for both Marijuana and Cocaine - the two drugs Marci claimed Gallagher had been using.
As arraignment for the criminal charges came nearer Ms. Kowalski was deposed at which time the extent of claimed injuries came to light. Marci had suffered from a previous shoulder injury and claims of "permanent damage" from Gallagher's activities were found to be non-existent. According to Gallagher, "The initial settlement was dropped from $50,000 to $14,000 with the exclusion of medical payments".
The recent filings in Taney County include correspondence with the Christian publication. Part of Branson Partner's claim is that Gallagher's show wasn't in line with local Christian values harming the show through "word of mouth". The filings will be posted online later this week.
If you're not a Christian , don't want to associate with Christian's and exclude yourself from Christianity - you can still play one at the Taney County Courthouse.