Branson Political Factions - Branson Social Conservatives & Branson Economic Progressives

Two distinct factions have appeared on the Branson political scene. Though identified factions as a whole share values and individuals have unique perspectives' sharply divisive issues have prompted public appearances and stated opinions among identified party lines.

People and Characteristics
Branson's Social Conservatives - Slower /calculated growth; strong religious values; maintaining Branson's family friendly identity and established culture; Oppose TIF (Tax Increment Financing)
Sample Members
John Logan- Cartoonist
Gary Groman - Branson Daily Independent Columnist
Chuck Pennel - Taney County Presiding Commissioner
Jack Herschend - Owner Silver Dollar City

Economic Progressives
Branson's Economic Progressives - Favor Increased and development; believe Branson's future relies on engaging tourists from prosperous economic segments; Pro TIF
Rick Huffman - Developer of Branson Landing - HCW Partner
Jim Cox - Owner Branson Collector Car Auction
Mark Weiss - Commercial Real Estate Agent
Yakov Smirnoff - Comedian

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